The T.R.O.L.L. (Teasing Reaper Of the Lost Lands) is a dark grey blimp with a troll face on it. It moves as fast as a blue bloon, takes oo hits to pop and releases 10 Troll Towers (see below).

It has the following abilities:

  • Trololol: The blimp will troll your towers, making the nearby towers upset so they shoots 200% faster but they ONLY aim at the T.R.O.L.L.! Meanwhile, the troll also moves 2.5x faster to run away! (Note: Your towers will miss)
  • Troll Tower: Releases a very weak 0/0 Dart Monkey at a random place in the map. That monkey will pretend to help you for 10 seconds, but then explodes, taking all the nearby towers with it (deals 20 HP damege)! (Secret: You can sell the Troll Tower before it explodes!)