cost: 25,000/75,000/225,000/685,000

rate of fire: 1 bullet every 0.5 seconds

damage: 1

HP: 25,000


path 1 upgrades

longer cannons

description: the shaitan now has longer cannons and can fire faster, 5 bullets per 2,3 seconds

price: 5,000/15,000/45,000/115,000

more damage

description: the shaitan now deals more damage, 150x to 300x DAMAGE TO MOAB-CLASS BLOONS!!!

price: 50,000/150,000/375,000/900,000

high-explosive shells

description: replacing the barrels with high explosives, dealing from 300x to 1000x damage to moab-class bloons

price: 250,000/750,000/2,240,000/10,000,000

nuclear shells

description: now adding nuclear barrels, dealing 5000x damage to boss bloons, 1500x damage to moab-class bloons

price: 14,500,000/29,750,000/61,000,000/200,000,000

path 2 upgrades


description: by adding an extra radar, it can now detect camo bloons

price: 2,000/4,000/8,000/16,000


description: adding laser cannons like 3/2 dartling gun

price: 9,000/10,000/12,000/15,000


description: replacing lasers with lighting, can deal more damage to moab-class bloons

price: 16,250/42,500/125,000/250,000


description: now adding light and lasers, can damage anything and dealing 23x damage to boss bloons

price: 5,000,000/7,050,000/10,000,000/36,000,000