The S.K.Y.B (Spraying Killer,Yelling to Bloons) is a blimp that takes 300 000 hits to pop and contains 4 U.L.T.R.As.It moves at 3% of the speed of a red bloon and first it appears in round ???. (it only appears in special missions)


  • Stingers: It shoots 20 stinger missiles at towers,dealing 2 HP damege each.
  • Crystal bomb: Shoots a crystal frag bomb that explodes into 8 shards after hitting a tower,the shards deal 4 HP damege and the bomb deals 12 HP damege.
  • Electrogeddon: Shoots 6 striking lighting bolts to 6 towers that deals 20 HP damege each and also stun them for a whopping 300 seconds!