Mk. IV

he Bloons Empire's B Project Jet Bomber Mark IV (or just Mk. IV for short), is the boss of the 19xx Special Mission. It's automatically camo, has 200,000 HP and moves as fast as a pink bloon, and it doesn't spawn anything! It has the following abilities:

  • Carpet Bombing: Drop 10 bombs to the ground while moving. Each bomb has a blast radius of a normal Bomb Tower and deals 30HP damege
  • Laser Canons: Shoots 2 laser beams that can pierce through any tower and deals 30HP damege.


  • The Mk. IV, codenamed "S.H.A.D.O.W" (Super Hero Annihilating Doom Of Wonder), was developed somewhere in the 20th century (obviously) to fulfill Apopalypse Bloon's crazy idea of the ultimate war machine in a secret project started by Apopalypse Bloon called the "B Project".
  • The B Project works by sacrificing everyone. Monkeys. Even bloons. And invading cities to get more and more tech, along with more and more DNA data to create this semi-blimp
  • Cities were destroyed. Nations were taken. Just to get more and more alien-like tech to create this thing. Monkeys were killed. Bloons were shredded. Just to get more DNA data and material to develope the core. A semi-blimp filled with blood and tears, the whole world cries as "the Shadow" flies across the skies. It should've never existed! Just its cursed creation alone was enough to prove that Apopalypse Bloon wasn't just a general, it's The Devil himself!
  • The technology of the Mk. IV has been kept secrets in all those years. No one knows about it, besides Apopalypse Bloon himself. No one! Not even Genesis Bloon! The B Project Agents knew about it, but they were all killed by the thing itself, there were no survivor!
  • And now... the monkeys must face this horrific semi-blimp!