Welcome to Bloons tower defense 9 wiki! This is currently a dead wiki as it's former(?) owner is Martynas, a banned underage user.


Though this wiki is not as active as it could be, there are still a main policy available to which users are required to conform. Here


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2013-06-10 added special mission cycler's chaos

2013-06-01 added special mission summer trouble

2013-05-31 added texture settings (software, normal and hardware)

2013-05-30 now BTD9 is available in Android devices!

2013-05-21 added the second impossible track: Double path

2013-05-20 added the first impossible track: Short track of hell !!!

2013-05-19 added new magic level

2013-05-14 added Galaxy O' Monkey Money and BTD9 can be playable in iOS devices

2013-05-02 added magic

2013-05-02 added new tower: "Blaster"

2013-04-27 added special mission: "The Bloongestive System"

2013-04-17 added tower "Shaitan"

2013-04-12 Battle island time ended

2013-04-03 added special mission "Easter bunny fight"

2013-04-02 added special mission "Lots of bricks..."

2013-03-26 added "Extreme mode'"

2013-03-25 added new track "Super mario galaxy'"

2013-03-25 added MOAB class bloon apopalypse

2013-03-15 has been added to bloons td battles 2 new track ,,Frozen Lake''

2013-03-12 added Battle island

2013-01-04 BTD9 has been created

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