the bloons super monkey 3 (BSM3) is like BSM2 just more added stuff and there is few new bloons: Magma bloon,High shield bloon,Z.O.M.G.,Huge magma bloon,B.O.N.E.,mini bosses and Snail bloon


Left arm and right arm

1 path

2 path

3 path 4 path 5 path

dart shooter


boom cannon

75 red blops

boomerang thrower

60 red blops

pulse whirp

275 red blops


40 red blops

faster shooting

175 red blops

bigger blast

250 red blops

rapid rangas

175 red blops

laser whirp

725 red blops

bigger splatter

100 red blops

double darts

550 red blops

frag bombs

575 red blops


450 red blops

plasma whirp

1,450 red blops

corrosive glue

215 red blops


1,400 red blops

missle launcher

1,325 red blops

riccochet rangs

1,425 red blops

dual plasma

3,200 red blops

bloon dissolver

2,100 red blops

triple dart

2,900 red blops

dual launcher

2,625 red blops


3,100 red blops

DOOM whirp

6,450 red blops

speed glue

6,300 red blops

spike ball shooter

8,600 red blops

MOAB maulers

5,120 red blops

glaive shooter

8,800 red blops

dual doom

15,600 red blops

bloon liquefier

32,500 red blops

dual spike

8,700 red blops

quad MOAB

5,120 red blops


12,000 red blops

16,000 red blops

death glue

50,000 red blops


15,000 red blops

bloon busters

20 yellow blops


21,000 red blops

72,000 red blops

sharp glue

63,000 red blops

heavy juggernaut

15,000 red blops

blue busters

30 yellow blops

cool bananarangas

24,000 red blops

sun god

150,000 red blops

blast glue

100,000 red blops

red juggernaut

30,000 red blops

quad buster

30 yellow blops

dual bananas

24,000 red blops

350,000 red blops

spliting glue

700,000 red blops

spikey juggernaut

35,000 red blops

moab assasin (abillity)

100 yellow blops

quad banana

48,000 red blops

710,000 red blops


800,000 red blops


230,000 red blops

MOAB mauler Rain

100 yellow and 400k red blops

banana burst

96,000 red blops

710,000 red blops

glue hose

1,600,000 red blops


560,000 red blops

moab assasin

100 yellow and 750k red blops


500,000 red blops

1,420,000 red blops

rainbow glue

20,000,000 red blops

juggernaut rain

1,000,000 red blops

blue buster rain

200 yellow and 800k red blops

faster production

750,000 red blops

5,000,000 red blops

dual way glue

40,000,000 red blops

core attacks

1 path 2 path 3 path 4 path 5 path

dart burst

50 red blops

pineapple production

120 red blops

radial rangs

150 red blops

magic ring

200 red blops

laser pulse

400 red blops

faster burst

250 red blops

juicer pineapples

250 red blops


150 red blops

fast magic

425 red blops

laser vision

800 red blops

double darts

600 red blops

thermite chunks

500 red blops

Double Ranga

450 red blops

intense ring

925 red blops

plasma vision

1,500 red blops

split darts

1,500 red blops

sliced pineapples

925 red blops

seeker rangs

1,275 red blops

Lightning Rod

1,950 red blops

dual blast

3,250 red blops

triple darts

2,700 red blops

plentiful pineapples

1,650 red blops


2,900 red blops

Lightning Storm

4,975 red blops

doom burst

8,400 red blops

spikey burst

8,600 red blops

mega fruit

6,950 red blops


9,850 red blops

Lightning Ring

12,500 red blops

solid doom

23,500 red blops

small chaos

17,000 red blops

MOAP (abillity)


ray of doom

56,000 red blops

Zone 1 - Monkey Lane

Bloons Target Pops Boss? Boss Bloon unlocked when completed
Stage 1 Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink 600 No N/A N/A
Stage 2 Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple 800 No N/A 1-1
Stage 3 Blue, Green, Regen Green, Black, Red 1,500 No N/A 1-2
Stage 4 Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White, Red 2,000 No N/A 1-3
Stage 5 Blue, Green, Pink, Black, Regen Yellow, Mini MOAB, MOAB, Lead 3,000 Yes MOAB


Stage 6 Red, Blue, Green, Camo Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Zebra, Camo Green, Rainbow, Ceramic, Magma, Mini MOAB, MOAB, BFB, ZOMG 45,000 Yes ZOMG 4-5
Zone 2 - Bloon Dunes
Bloons Target Pops Boss? Boss Bloon Unlocked when completed
Stage 1 Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Black, White, Ceramic, Glass 10,000 No N/A 1-5
Stage 2 Yellow, Pink, Regen Pink, Black, Zebra, Rainbow 8,000 No N/A 2-1
Stage 3 Blue, Yellow, Pink, White, Regen White, Zebra, Ceramic, Glass 12,500 No N/A 2-2
Stage 4 Green, Yellow, Black, Shield Yellow, Regen Blue, Red, Lead 10,000 No N/A 2-3
Stage 5 Red, Shield Blue, Green, Shield Yellow, Pink, White, Zebra, Yellow Mini MOAB, MOAB, BFB 15,000 Yes BFB 2-4
Stage 6 High Shield Red, Black, Mini MOAB, MOAB, BFB, Ceramic, Shield Black, Spawner 100,000 Yes mini blimp: spawner 1-6
Zone 3 - Deep Bloon Sea
Bloons Target Pops Boss? Boss Bloon Unlocked when completed
Stage 1 Red, Yellow, Purple, White, Commando, Lead, Green, Pink, Shield Green, Shield Ceramic 10,000 No N/A 2-5
Stage 2 Green, Yellow, Black, White, Lead, Rainbow, Regen White, Regen Zebra, Mini MOAB, Glass 12,500 No N/A 3-1
Stage 3 Pink, Purple, Charge, Regen Rainbow, Camo Green, Shield Pink, Ceramic, Glass 15,000 No N/A 3-2
Stage 4 Red, Green, Pink, Purple, White, Zebra, Rainbow, Ceramic, Shield Lead, Shield red 20,000 No N/A 3-3
Stage 5 Shield Green, Pink, Purple, White, Lead, Zebra, MOAB, Mini MOAB, BFB, Calmari Blimp, Glass 15,000 Yes Calmari blimp 3-4
Stage 6 High Shield Ceramic, High shield Red, MOAB, BFB, ZOMG, Mini MOAB, Shield Yellow, Shield Black  No N/A 2-6
Zone 4 - Mount Magma
Bloons Target Pops Boss? Boss Bloon
Stage 1 Shield White, Shield Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Shield Black 15,000 No N/A
Stage 2 Shield Green, Shield White, Black, Red, Glass 20,000 No N/A
Stage 3 Shield White, Red, Black, Shield White, Shield Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue 30,000 No N/A
Stage 4 Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Lead, Aqua, Regen Aqua, Shield Rainbow 15,000 No N/A
Stage 5 Black, Shield Black, White, Shield White, Shield Yellow, Shield Red, Shield Green, Shield Blue, Lead, Zebra, Rainbow, Ceramic, Heavy Metal Bloon 20,000 Yes Heavy metal bloon